Right Brain development programs for children aged between 0 and 6 years!

Early readers are effective learners! Start before school and be cool!

Little Indigo Kids Library™ Resource paradise for inquisitive Indigo Children!

Explore creative potential through Little Indigo Kids Academy’s Artsy Kids™

We redefine your child’s formative years to a fantastic ones!


Right Brain Training

Little Indigo’s Right Brain Training™ program is a multi-dimensional whole brain stimulation and brain development program

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Kids Gym

Little Indigo Kids Gym™ program helps children with Sensorial, Physical and Social behavior developments by Qualified trainers

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Early Readers

Little Indigo Early Readers™ programs are designed and available for children in the age group between 6 months and 7 years.

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Little Explorer

Little Indigo Little Explorer™ program helps the young minds buzz by letting children gather information through exposure

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A strong foundation for life success…together we build your child’s


Rithanya’s mom

LIKA for us is definitely nothing less than extraordinary. The way they mold the kids’ during their early age is just amazing. Personally we have witnessed the transformation– Mrs.Aruna Santhanam

Rithick Varshan’s Mom

Thank you LIKA for making the parents to find out the hidden talents of our kids. We love you LIKA.– Mrs. Yoga Priyanka

Kreyaa’s Mom

LIKA is loving caring and patient in providing the children with self-confidence and instilling in them a strong love for learning– Mrs. Sakthi Sujeeth

Experience the transformation of the child and parents within few weeks


Great Opportunity

A holistic exposure to unlock the hidden talents and possibilities in every children, and to stay above the par in all part of the development chart

Resource Paradise

Abundant content and knowledge sharing spiced with expert advice focusing on effective Brain development facilitates happy & effective parenting.

Never too early

The most critical period of Brain development is 0-6 years. During 0-3 years, billions of connections (Synapse) between brain cells (Neurons) are being made. A child’s experiences during the early years greatly influence how the brain grows.

Reach out to us and let us jointly achieve our grand vision at Little Indigo Kids Academy!